World record in running by Asma Kurane of B. A III from Hindi Department

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May 19 2021
Dr. Smt. Pathak Anagha V
World record by Asma Kurane
Asama Kurane On 26 Jan 2021
Asma Kurane

Asma Kurane completed 72 km running and stood first women category organised by  India flag runners on 26 Jan 2021.She was supported by Hon Dr. Krantikumar  Patil Executive President of Tararani Vidyapeeth ,Hon Prajakt Patil  secretary of Tararani Vidyapeeth and Principal Dr.Tejaswini  Mudekar .and sport teacher Smt Jyoti Gavade and Raghunandan Patil and faculty.

We are proud of you Dear Asama  Kurane