Internal Complaint Committee

As per the guidelines of Hon. Supreme Court of India, The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act 2013, UGC Guidelines Kamala College, Kolhapur has formed Internal Complaint Committee.

  • In every academic year three meeting are arranged and whenever necessary meetings are conducted.
  • Name and phone numbers of Internal complaint committee members are displayed at the prominent places of the college campus.
  • Information regarding Internal complaint committee in the prospectus is included.
  • As per guidelines complaints, if any are tackled.
  • Activities regularly arranged are Expertise Lectures and workshops about the law, students participatory activities like debate, Essay competition, Quiz, wallpaper publications, Poster presentations.

Internal Complaint Committee : (2020-21)

Name Designation Mobile No
Dr. Smt. Dhumal Neeta S. President Officer 9822606727
Smt. Sathe Varsha P. Member 9890443909
Dr. Shri. Patil Sujay B. Member 8421668406
Dr. Adv. Smt Patil (Badadare) Mangala S. Legal Advisor 9028652221
Shri. Kangralkar Mahendra G. Non Teaching Representative 9762322810