Library and Study Room

A Library is a collection of information and resources which are accessible to the defined community for borrowing.
Sr.No. Description Area(in Sq.ft.)
1 Total Built up area of library 3000 sq.ft.
2 Total Built up area of Smt. Shakuntaladevi study room 1470 sq.ft.
3 Stack room with circulation section 1298 sq.ft.
4 Reference/Text book section 700 sq.ft.
5 Staff reading room with IT zone for accessing e-resources 353 sq.ft.
6 Student facility for OPAC access 78 sq.ft.


Library At a glance
Sr.No. Description Number
1 Total number of books 64057
2 Total number of Competitive Exam books 2247
3 Total cost of books ( in Rs.) 87,88,887 /-
4 Total number of newspapers 08
5 Total number of periodicals 58
6 Total number of Audiovisual Collections 255
7 Library staff 06
8 Per day issue 250
9 Book bank issue 103
10 Library Hours 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
11 Study room Hours 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.


Facilities In Library

Borrowing Facility:

  • Regular student:- One Book for Eight days
  • Students appearing for competitive exam:- Two Books for Eight days
  • Faculty members:- No limit to issue books
  • Non-teaching Staff:- No limit to issue books
  • Alumni and outside readers :- One or two Books
  • Book bank Facility for regular students offering minimum price and free book bank facility for meritorious students and economically back ward students, and also for national/international players.
  •  Web OPAC and Online Circulation  with Bar Code facility.
  • Separate sitting Arrangement Inside Study Soom for Diyaang Students
  • Study Room Facility.
  • Internet Access to Faculty and PG Students.
  • Online Question Bank  with QR Code Facility.
  • Library Suggestion Box and Feedback Forms.
  • Separate Library for Hostel Students.
Library Services
  1. Library Computerization Completed.
  2. New Arrivals Display on Display Board.
  3. Reference Service.
  4. Information Display and Notification about Competitive Exams
  5. Inter Library Loan Facility
  6. Institutional Repository
  7. Digital Attendance
  8. News Paper Clipping.
  9. Online Literature Search and Download Faciltiy.
  10. Departmental Lists of Book with Subject Wise Shelving
  11. Availability of  Peer Reviewed Journals and Periodicals.
Other Curricular Activities
  1. Orientation to the newly admitted students for effective use of the library.
  2. Notifications of changes in syllabus to the faculty.
  3. Periodically Arrangement of Book Exhibition
  4. Book Review Competition
  5. Short Term Course on Library Management
  6. Library Visit and Library Tours
  7. Library Wall Paper on Various Topics
  8. Organize lectures to enhance heading habits among the students


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