Establishment of Tararani Vidyapeeth, Kolhapur

Tararani Vidyapeeth, the parent institute of KAMALA COLLEGE, was established in the year 1945 by the Late Hon. Dr. V.T. Patil, the Founder President of the institution with a cherished mission of catering to the needs of WOMEN'S EDUCATION, the most neglected aspect of our society. During the pre-independence days, women were not aware of their rights. They were meant only to 'rear child and keep hearth'. Though respected and honored in our culture, woman from time immemorial is considered as an entity without dignity in our country. With his miraculous vision, the Late President decided to devote himself exclusively to the noble cause of women's education, to give her a separate identity of her own by promoting and enhancing the potential in her personality so that she would be able, fearless, strong and sturdy woman fit to face dauntlessly all the challenges of time and life. The establishment of the institution has history behind it. The late His Highness Shri Rajaram Maharaja of Karveer Sansthan once called upon the late Dr. V. T. Patil and expressed before him his ardent desire that he (Maharaja) was ready to give even half of his kingdom for the creation of the befitting monument to perpetuate the name and fame of Tararani, the brave Maratha Queen and daughter-in-law of ‘Shivaji - the Great’. Maharaja was greatly obliged to Tararani, who with her undisputed bravery and courage saved the Maratha Empire from the Mughuls of which he was the ruler. In the year 1938, the late president promised to create a monument in the memory of 'Tararani- the Great'. The Maharaja died in 1940. Inspired by the express will of the Maharaja the Late President started a school with 22 girl-students in the year 1945. The school was named after Tararani. The institution is presently known as Tararani Vidyapeeth having K. G. to P. G. all in one campus. Thus the origin and history of the institution is inextricably linked with bravery, moral commitment, gratitude and creation of beauty. 'Nirmatum Shivam Sundaram' is the motto of the institution.