Vision :Empowerment of Women


  •  Dissemination of women’s education.
  •  Inculcation values and scientific temper.
  •  Overall development of personality.  


  • Introduction of career-oriented subjects and courses.
  • Imparting latest academic knowledge in order to make our students successful to face challenges of life.
  • Promotion and enhancement of students inborn qualities and literary skills.
  • Organization of self-supporting courses.
  • Encouragement to students for active participation in various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Motivation to students for further studies and to face various competitive examinations.
  • Enrichment of library by adopting latest technological developments.
  • Promoting the use of ICT.
  • Organization of extension activities apart from N.S.S. and N.C.C. for enrichment of values.