Organisation of Seminars and Conferences


Level Theme
16th Sept 2006 State Students' participation in the enhancement of the quality of higher education
15th Nov 2008 University Workshop for collegiate teachers B.A.II(Marathi-paper3)
2nd & 3rd Feb 2009 National New Methodology of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation of NAAC.
23rd & 24th Dec 2010 National Marathi vayankmayin chalval:badalate sandarbh
4th & 5th Feb 2011 National Application of Yoga Therapy and Allied Therapy in Psycho-somatic Disorders
25th & 26th March 2011 International Challenges Before Women Entrepreneurship in South Asia
 6th & 7th Oct 2014  National  Gender Discrimination and National Development
 28th Jan 2016  National  Emerging Trends in Retailing
 28th Jan 2016  National  Food Processing in India : Opportunities and challenges
 20th Jan 2016 National  Nature and Reality of Human Rights
 23rd Dec 2016 National  Data Collection and Analysis for research 
29 Dec 2016 International Skill Development in Higher Education : Global Scenario
10 Feb.2018 National New Streams in higher education
16 Feb. 2019 International Flight of Indian Farmers :Challenges and Issues
23 Dec 2019  National Significance of extension activities in Higher education
7 March 2020 International Significance of Fairs and festivals in human life 
23 May 2020 National Online Educational Tools: A Miracle for Effective Teaching
27 May 2020 National Climate Crisis and Post Pandemic Opportunities
23 Jan 2021 National Impact of Futuristic Technology on E Commerce
30 Jan 2021 National Significance of Nutrition in Non Communicable Diseases
07 Aug 2021 International Premchand ke Katha Sahitya ka Punarmulkanyan
29 Aug 2021 National Shaping the Post Pandemic World: A Multidisciplinary Approach
09 June 2022 National Marketing Strategies to Promote Libraries in Digital Age
18 June 022 National Research and Publication Ethics
  • Every year three local workshops are organised under Lead colleges scheme.
  • Objectives  of  setting up of Tararani Women's study and Research Center in 2019

1)To promote student  research  activities

2) To organise workshops/ seminars /skill development for students 

3)To undertake gender sensitisation and gender equality programms

Research activity from 2012-2013

Sr. No. Particulars Number of faculty Percentage of faculty
1 Participation in Seminars and conferences 18 100
2 Presentation of Research Papers 18 100
3 Publications in Conference proceedings 15 83
4 Publications in peer reviewed/referred journals 10 55
5 Contribution as Chairperson/resource persons 8 44
6 Recognised Research Guides 8 44
7 Books written /Book editors / co-authors in edited books 11 61
8 Research projects undertaken 6 33
9 Ph.D. Holders 11 61
10 Awards winners for research papers 3 17

Research Project

Sr. No. Title Project Title of the project Subject Amount sanctioned (Rs.)
1 Dr. Smt. V. V. Maindargi Major (UGC sponsored) Women Entrepreneurship development – Role of Commercial Banks Commerce 501200.00
2 Shri. N. S. Shirolkar Minor (UGC sponsored) Paschim Karveer Talukyatil Swatantryottar Kalatil Samajik va Arthic Badalacha Itihas History 70000.00
3 Dr. Shri. S. B. Patil Minor (UGC sponsored) Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Yanche Shikshan Vishayak Vichar ani Karya Marathi 65000.00
4 Smt. V. P. Sathe Minor (UGC sponsored) Hypertension in hospitalized heart patients Home Science 89200.00
5 Smt. U. R. Kadam Minor (UGC sponsored) Kala Wanijya Mahavidyalatil Granthalayatil Bhagidaritun Sansadhan Nirmiti: Problems and Prospects Library and Information Science 55000.00
6 Dr.Smt.Pathak Anagha V Minor (Institution sponsored) Effect of Rising Onion Prices on Household Consumption in kolhapur Economics 10000.00
7 Dr.Smt.Pathak Anagha V Minor (Institution Sponcered ) Effect of rising Pulses Prices on Household Consumption in Kolhapur Economics 10000.00
8 Smt Urmila Rajendra Kadam Lead College Research Project Online Resources for Online Learning during Lockdown Period: Student Perspective Library and Information Science 10000.00
9 Dr. Chhya Mali Minor Project ( Institution Sponsored) विज्ञापन और हिदी भाषा Hindi 1727.00
10 Dr. Chhya Mali Minor Project ( Institution Sponsored) प्रेमचंद और हिंदी साहित्य Hindi 2561.00
11 Dr. Rajani Karadge Lead College Research Project कोल्हापूर शहरातील तृतीयपंथी व्यक्तीच्या व्यथा आणि वास्तव: एक समाजशास्त्रीय अभ्यास Sociology 10000.00