UGC sanctioned New PG courses and certificate courses in Kamala college

Posted on
September 27 2020
Dr.Pathak Anagha
News in Local newspaper

Kamala College has sent proposals for the PG courses and Certificate courses to UGC and has been successful in getting sanction for the new frame work courses of PG Diploma in Food Quality control and certificate courses in Data science,cyber security and Bakery and confectionary .The coordinators Dr. Varsha Maindargi ,Smt Rekha Pandit and faculty members of B. C.A. Department,food processing Department have prepared the proposals of above sanctioned courses with the technical support of Shri. Pratap Rangapure .under the supervision secretary Hon Prajakt Patil and Prin Dr.Tejaswini Mudekar and Motivation of Hon. Dr. Krantikumar Patil Executive President of Tararani Vidyapeeth,the proposals were submitted to UGC.