Organisation of Seminars and Conferences


Level Theme
16th Sept 2006 State Students' participation in the enhancement of the quality of higher education
15th Nov 2008 University Workshop for collegiate teachers B.A.II(Marathi-paper3)
2nd & 3rd Feb 2009 National New Methodology of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation of NAAC.
23rd & 24th Dec 2010 National Marathi vayankmayin chalval:badalate sandarbh
4th & 5th Feb 2011 National Application of Yoga Therapy and Allied Therapy in Psycho-somatic Disorders
25th & 26th March 2011 International Challenges Before Women Entrepreneurship in South Asia
 6th & 7th Oct 2014  National  Gender Descrimination and National Development
 28th Jan 2016  National  Emerging Trends in Retailing
 28th Jan 2016  National  Food Processing in India : Opportunities and challenges
 20th Jan 2016 National  Nature and Reality of Human Rights
 23rd Dec 2016 National  Data Collection and Analysis for research 

 29 Dec 2016

10 Feb.2018




Skill Development in Higher Education : Global Scenario

 challenges before higher education In India

  • Every year three local workshops are organised under Lead colleges scheme.